Introduction to MIP version 3.0



The XProtect Smart Client 7.0 introduces a new concept where the entire user interface (UI) can change colors. For now, there are two color themes to select from, dark and light, but it is expected that more color themes will become available in later releases.

Plug-ins developed with MIP version 1.0 or 2.0 can run with XProtect Smart Client 7.0 and later. The look and feel of the UI is mostly default Microsoft colors with light and dark grey colors.

These colors are similar to the XProtect Smart Client 7.0 color ThemeType.Light.

New XProtect Smart Client Plug-ins on older XProtect Smart Clients

When you develop plug-ins using the theme properties and events, these plug-ins can also run on Smart Client 6.0.

The only requirement is that the VideoOS.Platform.dll from MIP SDK 3.0 (or newer) is copied on top of the one that came with XProtect Smart Client 6.0. By doing this the plug-in will be instructed to follow the ThemeType.Light.

Changes from 2.0

Samples has been updated to use the suggested theme handling.

The XProtect Smart Client can now operate in any selected TimeZone. A property on the ClientControl.Instance.SelectedTimeZoneInfo provides a TimeZoneInfo class with relevant information. The selected time should be used on any UI display time.

Added main features:

New Samples: