Introduction to MIP SDK 2022 R1

MIPSDK General

As previously announced, this is the last release of the MIP SDK Installers, and going forward new versions of the various components of the MIP SDK will only be made available at,, GitHub and The 2022 R1 installers will, however, remain available on our website and remain supported throughout the usual 3-year lifetime.

Event Server

Potentially breaking change: With the 2022 R1 release TSL encryption is introduced for the Event Server communication, similarly to what has previously been introduced for the other services. On systems being upgraded the default will still be that encryption is disabled, but for new installations it will be enabled by default. Also the customer can enable it for upgraded systems, either during installation or using the Server Configurator.
Whether encryption is enabled for Event Server can be seen from a lookup in Registered services.
If encryption is disabled existing integrations will work as usual, but if it is enabled it will require the following actions from integration vendors having integrations that interact with Event Server:
Event Server interaction is typically related to alarm and event handling or the use of message communication through MessageCommunicationManager.



Standalone MIP SDK

Visual Studio support


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